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Hydro-Jetting Service Machines

Extreme plumbing and Hydro-jetting is a full service plumbing company. Our mission is to professionally and expeditiously service plumbing within a properly completed commercial structure or home. Our proven method in plumbing drain cleaning with our Hydro-Jetting system is second to none. Our focus is to assist in maintaining a healthy plumbing system throughout your home or business.

Hydro-jetting is the process of using water under high pressure to scour the pipe walls clean of grease, debris, roots, sand or dirt and flush it all out and away downstream.

Hydro-jetting is unique in that it is the only process that can actually clean your lines. Because of this, hydro-jetting has become the industry standard for sewer and drain cleaning.

This is in complete contrast to running a cable or a snake into a line. A cable or snake will typically punch a hole in the debris or blockage to allow flow again and usually leave some debris behind. This debris can be and often is the starting point for debris to start accumulating all over again.

Extreme Hydro-Jetting specializes in this technique. We operate full size, $45,000.00 pull trailer US Jetting machines carrying a standard of 500 feet of 1/2 inch hose. These machines deliver a maximum 4000 psi at 18 gallons per minute. The pressure is completely adjustable for any given situation. We maintain a variety of hoses that allow us to hydro-jet anything from a 10" main sewer line all the way down to a small trap in a floor drain.

We also use Warthog brand rotary nozzles when possible because they are so much more efficient at cleaning even though they are ten times the cost of a non-rotary nozzle.

Our service doesn't stop there. We also provide high end color video pipe inspection and location.





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